Manners Maketh Man 2: DRESS CODES

As a follow up to my first blog on manners, standards in dress codes have significantly dropped over the years.

I can remember when ladies were not allowed into the members enclosure at Newmarket races if they were wearing trousers and gentlemen were not allowed in without a jacket and tie, although obviously, trousers and shirt were mandatory!

Oh how things have changed. Blokes (I can’t and won’t call them gentlemen, because they are not) walking around the members enclosure wearing polo shirts and shorts and the girls (no, not ladies) are just as bad, wearing short, strappy evening dresses, even to the earlier race meetings, when it is freezing. Trust me girlies, high heels sinking into the grass and goose bump covered, exposed flesh is not a good look.

More suitable for the races would be either a skirt suit or a day dress with a nice, smart jacket over. A pashmina is also handy for when it gets really nippy.

Whilst we all like to wear heels, a pair of lower heels with a more chunky type heel is best for the races, so whilst looking elegant the heels will be more resistant to sinking into the grass, which you will inevitably will have walk on, at some point.


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