British Period Properties and their Listings explained

If you are thinking of purchasing a listed building or currently own one, there are implications dependent upon the actual type of listing. I detail below the types of listing that currently apply to period properties and properties of historic interest.

There are three types of listing, Grade 1, Grade 11* and Grade 11. Of approximately 500,000 listings, around 14,200 are in Essex.

GRADE 1 (Grade 1)
A Grade 1 listing applies to properties regarded as being of exceptional architectural and historic interest. Of the 500,000 listings in England, 2.5% are Grade 1 and whilst the majority of these are secular buildings, the Youth Hostel in Saffron Walden is a super example of this type of listing.
The Youth Hostel, Saffron Walden


Grade 11* (Grade two star)
Grade 11* means a building of importance, being of more than special interest.

The Sugar Hut, televised on The Only Way is Essex (TOWIE), is a Grade 11* building being of architectural and historic interest, dating back to 1480 when it was known as The White Hart and was a coaching inn with coaches going to London and a daily service to Bury St Edmunds.


The Sugar Hut, Brentwood taken on Friday, 14th July, 2017



Grade 11 (Grade two)


Great Lodge Farm in the snow, a fine example of a Grade 11 Listed Building.






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