About Parr Excellance Lifestyle

My blog will cover all aspects of the British lifestyle, from living in period properties and all they entail, some first class food recipes (all tried and tested), sales and marketing tips, enjoying the countryside through to riding a horse side saddle – totally random, I know, but hey, that’s me.

My background is in sales and marketing selling capital equipment into blue chip retailers (point of sale systems) and now offer my services to small and medium sized businesses at affordable prices through my company Parr Excellance.  I know the spelling is incorrect – the excellence with the ‘e’ was taken!

Today I am writing about living in and owning a period property.  Whilst it is quite easy to fall in love with the thatched cottage with roses around the door, the romance of owning such a property should not blinker you to the expense and amount of time you will need to spend maintaining it.

For example, thatched cottages, whilst very appealing will require regular maintenance of the thatch.  Indeed, you tend to inherit the thatcher who will make regular checks and it is advisable to create a sinking fund for the thatcher as maintenance can be expensive.

Insurance companies can place restrictions on what you can and cannot do with regard to open fires, wood burners, etc.  They will also require current electrical safety certificates to be maintained, again, all expense.

If the building is Listed then you will need the permission of the local Listed Buildings Officers before you can make any changes to the property.

However, it is not all negative – imagine the joy at coming home from a hard day’s work to the sight of your very own piece of history.